New in beta6 - share and move content between different Drupal sites

Entity pilot beta-6 comes with the ability to share and move content between different Drupal 8 sites.

Up until beta-5 your sites had to share the same configuration: i.e. content-types, fields etc.

From beta 6, you can now enable the Entity Pilot Map Config sub-module and decide how to handle missing fields and content-types.

When importing content (landing an arrival) from your private Entity Pilot content repository, if Entity Pilot detects the remote flight contains entity types, bundles or fields not present on the destination site the new Entity Pilot Map Config sub-module allows you to nominate how to handle the missing fields and content-types.

You can map them into existing compatible fields and bundles, or ignore them as with beta-5.

This means your Entity Pilot private content repository can now build up a catalog of content that can be utilised throughout your network of Drupal 8 sites.

One of the advantages of the mapping approach is that your content is now portable but without normalizing it in advance. This means your content is stored in its original rich-format, and you decide at time of import how to translate it into another site. The new sub-module is smart enough to detect an existing mapping-set for a given difference - so if you have already imported content from a particular site, you can simply re-use the previous mapping if it is still applicable. This gives you a mix of flexibility and convenience that normalizing in advance doesn't afford.

Watch the short demo below to see it in action.

Roadmap update

We're making good progress on our feature roadmap. Next on the list is Automatically create a departure from the content edit form, allowing content to be sent as soon as it is created. This will afford admins the flexibility to nominate a content-repository policy - e.g. all content of a particular type could be automatically sent to your private content repository on Entity Pilot as soon as it is created or queued for background processing.

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